The Winter Flour

Chocolate chunk cookies

Well, after a year of experimenting on my own, I completed a diploma in patisserie and an internship, and I guess I can now say that baking is something I do even at 2am, cause I cannot stop baking! Well, atleast I cannot stop baking these cookies! Check out the recipe for these cookies here!

I, for one, have made so much no churn ice cream during the lockdown, that coming up with new flavors for ice creams has become what I day dream about the most now! Find out the base recipe for the vanilla no churn ice cream here! And then add all the flavors you like!
Also, if you LOVE mangoes as much as me, totally try out the recipe for this mango caramel!
Who knows, you could become a quarantine ice cream fanatic just like me! We could be ice cream buddies!

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